Tenuta Punta Galera is born surrounded by nature, 50 acres of Mediterranean scrub overlooking the Palinuro crystal clear sea, at the very heart of the Parco Nazionale del Cilento. It’s enclosed by Aleppo pines, century-old olive trees, citrus orchards and vineyards, resulting in an extraordinary landscape, the magic of this atmosphere is enhanced by the song of the cicadas and the sound of the sea.

On one side, a gorgeous natural bay with one of the most beautiful beaches of the Country; on the other side, “Punta Galera” one of the points of the imposing Palinuro cliff. In between, overlooking the sea, stands tall the watchtower dated 1500, Torre del Giudeo, better know as Torre Mozza.


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The experience, passion, and continuous training in event management of the staff and crew make Tenuta Punta Galera the perfect place to celebrate this extraordinary day. It’s the right environment to convey a sense of taste and prestige.